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Why live in Hurghada at the Red Sea?

Posted by msm1971 on 14. December 2016
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Hurghada Red SeaAs the top tourist resort on the Red Sea Coast, Hurghada in Egypt is a beautiful place to be relocated to. It is a lovely spot. It is considered to be a coastal town and the capital of the Red Sea governorate.

If you like the beach, you’ll love Hurghada! It’s relaxing, slow-paced, and sunny. In Hurghada you can actually walk around the streets without too much traffic and noise around you and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather 365 days per year.

It is mainly considered to be a touristic city – still there are parts of it where the locals live. So you will be able to find many jobs that are related to that such as diving facilities, yacht renting, fishing trips organizing. The weather is lovely in winter, could be a bit humid somehow in summer time, and in both cases the sea is great. The Red Sea water is very clear and ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving to discover lots of beautiful corals and various types of fishes, dolphins and turtles. The underwater world here is magical.

Paradise Village ApartmentsIt is a good choice if you consider owning an apartment or a villa in Hurghada were you can spend your holiday or a long vacation by the beautiful Red Sea without worrying about rent and the hassle of finding a nice comfortable place to stay other than the Hotels available around the city.

If you decide to live in Hurghada and spend most of the year here, then you will save lots of money out of taxes back home, as there are almost no taxes to pay here in Egypt for you. The cost of living and buying an apartment or villa here is for sure much more cheap than doing that back home. You can also rent the place for the rest of the year and make money out of it while you are away.

The cost of living depends on your life style but in general it is very cheap compared to Europe. The Red Sea is truly an amazing destination for you and your family. It is a magical place to spend your holidays or even live for months or after your retirement.

Hurghada Red SeaHurghada, as the third largest city in Egypt and a huge tourist area, has great employment and investment potential. You will find many foreigners living there and working or coming for months to relax and enjoy the beach in their beach house or villa.

There are also lots of beaches inside great hotels where you can enjoy a day use in swimming, snorkeling from the house reefs, having fun in a water park or even learning or practicing one of many water sports that professional centers provide such as kite surfing.

There are also public beaches that don’t cost as much where you can just enjoy the beach sand and sea view in peace.

New Marina HurghadaAs for night life there are so many places you can spend your evening in like the New Marina located in the center of the city where there are lots of great restaurants with sea view, bars hosting live bands or even karaoke nights.

Hurghada is a safe place to be in and people there are very helpful and friendly. Most of Egyptians here speak several languages like English, Russian, German and Italian. So it is easy to communicate and ask for directions or information.

The egyptian locals are very welcoming to foreigners and it is easy to make new friends here.

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